Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#NewMixtape- Kay Gee "Master Of Cermonies Review @idavisionaire

What would a mixtape be without some sick productions and creativity driven lyrical bars? It wouldn’t be a mixtape at all. Master of Ceremonies is more like an album than a mixtape. Kay Gee has 3 other mixtapes out and each mixtape has shown his growth and his originality. All the production on his latest mixtape has shown that he is not afraid of combining many sounds and samples to his style of flow. After listening to Kay Gee you would assume he comes from the market of St. Louis, Missouri. You have to be confident in  your creative so you can be set apart from the other hundreds of artists on the rise in St. Louis.


This project has features from some of the best on the hip hop side of music such as fellow Space Jamm Productions team players such as Rook. Also featuring St. Louisian Trent Smith, Bo Dean, and J Block. Amongst this mixtape was released in a diverse market the success of this mixtape is determined by the grind and the bars. Master of Cermonies mixtape is on the top shelf of the best and great all the way until the very end. 

The intro grasps all the listeners. Tracks such as Talk about money featuring Play Boi Dre, Appreciate, Yeah, Working, Please, Devil or Angels and Whats Love will keep your head bumping and your ride cruising. These tracks are great feeling tracks plus bring out the good times, while highlighting the illuminations of good music.

This mixtape is worth your time and a must have for your music collection. 

Check here to listen to Master of Cermonies  

Rate: 4 stars 


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